Need for Speed: Underground Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

Saturday, January 30, 2016

For you Race / Racing lovers, as well as gamers who like to play a racing games, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know all of racing games cheats, codes, and Secrets. Here we will share with you some cheats, codes, and secrets of racing games.

Unlock All Secrets
Start game, go to the main menu, go to the Statistics sub-menu, go back again (pressing DELETE), and finally enter your desired cheat:

Code                         Effect
240240sx                  Unlock 240SX
350350z                         Unlock 350Z
driftdriftbaby                Unlock all Drift Circuits
allmylvloneparts             Unlock All Level 1 Parts
seemylvl1parts           Unlock all Level 1 Visual Parts
allmylvl2parts          Unlock All Level 2 Parts
seemylvl2parts          Unlock all Level 2 Visual Parts
239celica                   Unlock Celica
gimmesomecircuits  Unlock Circuits
889civic                        Unlock Civic
gimmesomedrag         Unlock Drag Circuits
Slidingwithstyle       Unlock Drift Physics in all the game modes
899eclipse                  Unlock Eclipse
119focus                    Unlock Focus
371impreza                Unlock Impreza
342integra                Unlock Integra
222lancer                      Unlock Lancer
allmylvloneparts             Unlock Level One Upgrades
allmylvl2parts          Unlock Level Two Upgrades
needmylostprophets Unlock Lost Prophets
221miata                   Unlock Miata
334mygolf                 Unlock Mygolf
havyamystikal          Unlock Mystikal
893neon                        Unlock Neon
givemenismo             Unlock Nissan Sentra Nismo
gimmeppablo            Unlock Petey Pablo
77peugeot                   Unlock Peugeot
gotcharobzombie         Unlock Rob Zombie
973rsx777                 Unlock RSX
777rx7                         Unlock RX7
2000s2000                Unlock S2000
922sentra                  Unlock Sentra
111skyline                  Unlock Skyline
gimmesomesprints      Unlock Sprint Circuits
228supra                    Unlock Supra
667tiburon                   Unlock Tiburon
2000s2000                Unlock Updated Honda 2000
899civic                        Unlock Updated Honda Civic
342integra                Unlock Updated Honda Integra
973rsx777                 Unlock Updated Mazda RX7
239celica                       Unlock Updated Toyota Celica
228supra                        Unlock Updated Toyota Supra

Extra Cars
Unlockable                                    How to Unlock
1998 Nissan Skyline GRT34     Select underground mode and complete at least the first 80                                                                     missions, then challenge Samantha. Defeat her in medium                                                                       difficulty & win the next drag race.

Unlocakble Extra Cars
Unlockable                                              How to Unlock
Eddie's Nissan Skyline GT-R               Get 3,000,000 style points in Quick Race
Junkman's Honda Civic                          Get 2,250,000 style points in Quick Race
Lost Prophets Car                                   Get 1,721,000 style points
Melissa's Nissan 350Z                            Get 2,500,000 style points in Quick Race
Mystikal Car                                         Get 698,000 style points
Nismo Car                                               Get 170,000 style points
Petey Pablo Car                                      Get 533,000 style points
Rob Zombie Car                                     Get 1,110,500 style points
Samantha's Honda Civic                         Get 2,000,000 style points in Quick Race
Vortex Car                                              Get 46,000 style points

Unlock All Visual Upgrades
To unlock all visual upgrades for single and multiplayer mode, simply complete Underground mode.

Unlockable          How to Unlock
All Accessories Complete Underground mode.
All Body Parts         Complete Underground mode.
All Decals              Complete Underground mode.
All Paint Colors Complete Underground mode.
All Rims            Complete Underground mode.
All Vinyl          Complete Underground mode.

Slower Enemies
Note: This is recommended only for progress level 95 or higher (Underground Mode only). Enemies here are much faster than you, even if you're driving an optimized car. Even playing on easy mode doesn't make much difference. So change the turbo and nitro parts to stock. For some reason, your opponents will be much slower than you.

Unlimited Money Without Racing
First you must obtain the ''Nissan Skyline'' then you have to atleast unlocked 3/4 of all the performance upgrades(Note: Having all of them will allow you to make more money)Get rid of the performance parts that upgrade the Skyline's top speed and change the turbo package back to stock. The performance stats should read ''S, S, 3, S, S, 3, 3, 3, S''. (Or it might be different if you haven't obtained all performance parts) Then trade it in for the Mazda Miata getting a rebate of $12727 afterwards re-equip everything onto the Miata then trade it in again, this time for the Nissan Skyline getting a rebate of 119 dollars. Then just repeat the whole process again and again each time getting $12846 each time so you can buy all the Visual Parts and Performance Parts quickly.
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