Need for Speed: Underground 2 System

Saturday, January 30, 2016

For you Race / Racing lovers, as well as gamers who like to play a racing games, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know all of Need for Speed: Underground 2 System. Here we will share with you some Need for Speed: Underground 2 System.

   The World Map

By pressing "M" into exploration mode, you can access the game's World Map.
A new window will be displayed showing a map of Bayview, your car, rival
cars, shops and events. These are represented by different types of icons:
shops are colored dots, events are little colored doughnuts, sponsored
events are "X". Your car is the green arrow and the opponent's is the orange
arrow. To the left part of this window you'll learn more about the events
and its respective colors in the map.

As Rachel says, you can change many options of the map along the game's
menus. This one's particularly useful: by clicking on an event name of your
choice be the left part of the window, you can choose to prevent it from
being shown on the map. It is a good thing to remember when your map is like
a Christmas tree. This way you can see events that are drawn below others.
It's called "filtering" the map. As you advance in the game, you'll realize
that new areas will be unlocked for you to visit in search of new races.
When these areas are not yet available, you'll see a red wall with a lock
drawn into it preventing you to go further in that street. It's funny to see
that the wall actually only works against the types of you, since other AI
controlled vehicles can come and go as they please =)

An easy way to find out what areas have been unlocked is to use the tiny
arrows located at the top of the World Map window. As you pan through the
options, the map will zoom into that particular area, so that you'll know
what he's talking about.

 Using the GPS System

Your ride comes equipped with a GPS system (as well as thousands of other
gadgets) that allows you to quickly find a specific event or shop on the
map. To activate it, Press the "M" key to open the map subsystem, then use
your mouse to click at the point you want to go. The game'll ask you if you
really want to enable your GPS, and if you answer yes, you’ll notice that
after a few moments scanning for a connection, a blue arrow appears above
you. Be aware that the arrow will not just point directly at the target -
it'll actually teach you what streets you should get into in order to reach
your goal.

Sometimes the blue arrow will seem like it's jumping and as if it is pretty
indecisive about which way to get, but never worry - since there's normally
more than 1 route to choose from, when you get into split ways and wide
roads, it might be the case that your current alignment causes the arrow to
act like that. Just pick the street that seems to please you the most.

Even if you completely miss an entrance and the arrow points the opposite
way, it will re-draw another route and point into a new direction after a
while. At the expense of some time, sure.

You can rely on it to get to places within a limited time, when the game
demands such thing (like when there's a magazine willing to take a picture
of your car).In this case, you might not want to go against the GPS system,
cause you'll very probably waste time. So, be extra-careful to make sure
that you're going to where the arrow tells you to go.

There are quite a few regions along the city where the GPS will stop
responding, and a "searching satellite" message will show. Generally, this
occurs when you drive into a parking lot or a pull-over spot or something.
But never worry, these signal failures are hardly ever going to make your
life harder. If you engage your GPS and the arrow still won't show up, try
driving along the city for a few meters. It never fails =)

    The SMS System

SMS stands for Short Message System and it does just what it says. From time
to time, under certain circumstances, someone of the game will send you an
SMS telling you of something good. There'll be an icon of a letter envelope
and a warning sound to tell you got new messages. Press Tab to open the SMS
window and read them. You can access many other options there.

The color of the envelope will vary depending on the subject, which can be a
new component to tune up your car, new visuals, or new cars. Additionally,
if you drive into red "i" located along the city, a green SMS envelope will
be sent to you - these are hints given by the game, most of them pretty
obvious, some others quite useful, telling you about new shop locations.
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